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DEEP Indonesia 2014

Best of Show by Bert
Best of Show

Bert Willaert

Compact Cameras
1st Place

The prestigious DEEP Indonesia International Underwater Photo Competition is part of a unique series hosted by DivePhotoGuide & Wetpixel, in association with DEEP Indonesia, Indonesia’s first and premier diving, adventure travel and extreme sports expo.  
Photographers competed in seven themed categories to win over $40,000 in prizes, including underwater photo equipment and premium dive travel packages to some of the top photo destinations in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and The Maldives.

Congratulations to Bert Willaert who won Best of Show for his 1st place image from the Compact Camera category. It is the first time in the history the series that a compact camera winner has won the Best of Show.   Winners can be seen online, and will be published by our media partners worldwide and exhibited during the DEEP Indonesia Expo in Jakarta, Indonesia.

As with all events, 15% of entry proceeds will be donated to marine conservation efforts.

Compact Cameras
tadpoles by Bert Willaert (Belgium)
Bert Willaert

Location: Lovendegem, Belgium
Kaslo by Stephen Holinski (Canada)
Stephen Holinski

Location: Kaslo, British Columbia
Into space by Marco chang (Taiwan)
Marco chang

"Into space"
 Beneath the sun by PARNUPONG  NORASETHKAMOL ()

" Beneath the sun"
Location: Palau
Diver with Jacks at Cabo Pulmo by Christian Vizl (Mexico)
Christian Vizl

"Diver with Jacks at Cabo Pulmo"
Location: Cabo Pulmo, Sea of Cortez, México
Freediving Serenity by Joel Penner ()
Joel Penner

"Freediving Serenity"
Location: Tulum, Mexico
Animal Portrait
LOS GIGANTES by Eduardo Acevedo (Spain)
Eduardo Acevedo

Location: Tenerife
Rio Negro Botos by David Salvatori (Italy)
David Salvatori

"Rio Negro Botos"
Location: Rio Negro, Amazonas - Brasil
a journey begins by SUMER VERMA (India)

"a journey begins"
Location: lakshadweep islands
Animal Behavior
The siege by Martin Strmiska (Slovakia)
Martin Strmiska

"The siege"
Location: Isla Mujeres, Mexico
Touch Down by Marc Montocchio ()
Marc Montocchio

"Touch Down"
Location: Baja Mexico
Chow Time by Allen Walker (South Africa)
Allen Walker
South Africa

"Chow Time"
Location: Port St. Johns, South Africa
Honorable Mention
The next generation by Tammy Gibbs ()
Tammy Gibbs

"The next generation"
Location: Perth, Western Australia
Monterey reef by Allison Vitsky Sallmon (United States)
Allison Vitsky Sallmon
United States

"Monterey reef"
Location: Monterey, California
Spirographis by Gianni Pecchiar (Italy)
Gianni Pecchiar

Location: Croatia Krk Island
Red Sea at Sunset by Theresa Guise (United States)
Theresa Guise
United States

"Red Sea at Sunset"
Location: Red Sea
SUNSET SHARK by Vincent Truchet (French Polynesia)
Vincent Truchet
French Polynesia

verdesca by Filippo Borghi ()
Filippo Borghi

Location: portogallo
Bahamian beau by Martin Strmiska (Slovakia)
Martin Strmiska

"Bahamian beau"
Location: Bahamas
Compact Cameras

Any image taken by a point-and-shoot, non-DSLR, non-interchangeable-lens camera.
Any camera with interchangeable lenses is not considered a compact, so images taken with such cameras must not be entered into this category.


Any underwater image featuring a scuba diver or freediver.

Animal Portrait

Any underwater image featuring a portrait of an animal.

Animal Behavior

Any underwater image featuring animal behavior.


Any underwater image featuring a wide angle view of a reef.


Any underwater image featuring a shark.

PARNUPONG NORASETHKAMOL10 day packages to Papua New Guinea at Walindi Dive Resort
Bert Willaert10 day packages to Papua New Guinea at Walindi Dive Resort
Allison Vitsky Sallmon10 day dive packages to Lembeh Strait and Bunaken with Critters @ Lembeh and Lembeh Resort
Eduardo Acevedo10 day dive packages to Lembeh Strait and Bunaken with Critters @ Lembeh and Lembeh Resort
Marc Montocchio7 day packages diving various regions of Bali, with Bali Diving Academy
David Salvatori7 day packages diving various regions of Bali, with Bali Diving Academy
Martin Strmiska8 day Maldive live aboard trip aboard the MV Orion
+10 Subsee Magnifier with custom adapter
Vincent Truchet8 day Maldive live aboard trip aboard the MV Orion
Gianni Pecchiar7 day packages to Lembeh Strait with Eco Divers and Eco Divers Resort Lembeh
Christian Vizl7 day packages to Lembeh Strait with Eco Divers and Eco Divers Resort Lembeh
Stephen Holinski i-torch Pro 7 from I-DIVESITE
Filippo Borghi i-torch Pro 7 from I-DIVESITE
Joel Penner i-torch Pro 7 from I-DIVESITE
SUMER VERMA+10 Subsee Magnifier with custom adapter
Allen Walker+10 Subsee Magnifier with custom adapter
Theresa GuiseWyland signed Book
Marco changWyland signed Book
Competition Judges
Berkley White

Berkley White is a leading expert in the field of underwater photography and digital image processing. As a professional photographer and instructor, he shares his in-field photographic techniques and digital methods through a series of select travel events each year. Berkley is the founder of Backscatter in Monterey, California, the largest specialty underwater photographic supplier in the US, and is the organizer of international photographic events such as the Digital Shootout.

Dr. Alexander Mustard

Dr Alexander Mustard is both a marine biologist and also as part of a 'new wave' of up-and-coming young underwater photographers who have challenged our perceptions of what we see underwater, Alex has won many awards for his photography including being a multiple winner in both the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year and World Festival of Underwater Photography in Antibes, France. His new book "The Art Of Diving," a collaboration with author Nick Hanna, is not just a photo collection but is an exploration of why we love to dive, and has been described by David Doubilet as "the best book about diving since Jacques Cousteau's The Silent World." He is founder of the Young Underwater Photographer's Group, the Digital Officer for the British Society of Underwater Photographers and a Co-Administrator of Alex is also the brains behind Magic filters - filters designed specifically for available light underwater photography with digital cameras.

More about Alex at

Keri Wilk

Even at the age of 27, Keri has accumulated 17 years of underwater photography experience. Being formally educated as a mechanical engineer, he currently co-owns and develops products for ReefNet, has been a regular contributor to since 2009, and does freelance work for several popular dive magazines.

Keri's photography has evolved to a tremendous degree since he took his first underwater shots. He began his career by shooting images to be used primarily in ReefNet's electronic marine life field guides, but soon grew bored of the monotony of clinical side-profile identification shots. Wanting more from his time underwater, he expanded his photographic horizons, hoping to capture images of interesting and unusual behaviors in the underwater world. His success in this field was impressive, winning him several international underwater photo competitions ñ while still a teenager.

Lia Barrett

Lia Barrett is a Korean born, North Carolina raised professional underwater photographer. After completing university at Parsons School of Design in New York in 2007, Lia has been on a continual pursuit of travel and adventure. From her deep-sea work in a homemade submarine off of Roatán, Honduras, to shooting world record holding freedivers, Lia has embraced the underwater world as her ultimate sanctuary. Lia is the Photo Editor of DivePhotoGuide, the definitive source for underwater photography. She is also the co-founder and Creative Director of Prawno Apparel, an ocean-minded apparel company that draws designs directly from Lia’s photographs. She has been published in numerous newspapers and magazines, including the front page of the New York Times, BBC, CNN, Time, Outside, Huffington Post, ESPN, Playboy, The Times (UK), Men’s Journal and 60 Minutes. She has sat on several underwater photography judging panels, and finds great pleasure in encouraging other photographers to grow and develop their craft. Check out her work on and her Facebook page, and watch her TEDx talk, “Human Connection for Ocean Protection.”

Matt Weiss

Matt Weiss is the owner, publisher and editor-in-chief of, a leading underwater photography media publication with over 50,000 worldwide monthly readers.  Matt has been working full time at DPG since 2009, and for years was the world’s only full time underwater photography editor.  Matt also helped found the New York Underwater Photographic Society, where he currently serves as the co-president. 

Matt spends over a third of the year in the field shooting assignments and running workshops for numerous print and digital publications.  In 2011, Matt co-founded Scuba Diver Through The Lens, the world’s first international underwater photography print magazine that will be published quarterly beginning in 2012 and distributed in New York, Munich and Singapore.