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DEEP Indonesia 2020

Best of Show by Enrico
Best of Show

Enrico Somogyi

Compact Cameras
1st Place

The annual DEEP Indonesia International Underwater Photo Competition has grown to be one of the most prestigious and competitive of its kind. As part of the Underwater Competition Series, the contest is organized by DivePhotoGuide and Wetpixel. This year’s competition received thousands of entries vying for the chance to win more than $45,000 in travel and equipment prizes.

Congratulations to Enrico Somogyi, who took home the Best of Show award for a creative capture of a golden jellyfish in Palau. This image, and all the other winning photos, can be viewed right here on, as well as at the DEEP Indonesia Expo in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Thanks again to our talented judging panel, Mike Bartick, Renee Capozzola, Ellen Cuylaerts, Tobias Friedrich, Kate Jonker, and Andrew Marriott. As with all Underwater Competition contests, 15% of proceeds will be donated directly to marine conservation efforts.

Compact Cameras
Around the World by Enrico Somogyi ()
Enrico Somogyi

"Around the World"
Location: Jellyfishlake, Palau
Cleaning for future Babies by Miguel Ramirez ()
Miguel Ramirez

"Cleaning for future Babies"
Location: Lembeh
Open mouth Grouper by Ferenc ifj. Lőrincz  (Hungary)
Ferenc ifj. Lőrincz

"Open mouth Grouper"
Location: Red Sea, Egypt
Honorable Mention
Lily Reflections by Enrico Somogyi ()
Enrico Somogyi

"Lily Reflections"
Location: Westbruch,Germany
Honorable Mention
ELECTRIFYING by Ipah Uid (Malaysia)
Ipah Uid

Location: LEMBEH
Diver in the Magic Temple by Petr Polách (Czech Republic)
Petr Polách
Czech Republic

"Diver in the Magic Temple"
Location: Cave Chun-Ya - downstream, Yucatan, Mexico
Through the mist by Torbjörn Gylleus ()
Torbjörn Gylleus

"Through the mist"
Location: Chan Hol - Tulum, Mexico
Water's Connection by Renata Romeo (Italy)
Renata Romeo

"Water's Connection"
Location: Red Sea, Dahab
Honorable Mention
Frozen by Alex Dawson (Sweden)
Alex Dawson

Location: Tasiilac, Greenland
Honorable Mention
The Pit by Hannes Klostermann ()
Hannes Klostermann

"The Pit"
Location: Quintana Roo, Mexico
Animal Portrait
swing by Eric Hou ()
Eric Hou

Location: Anilao,Philippines
Blue Smoke by Joe Daniels ()
Joe Daniels

"Blue Smoke"
Location: Alor, Indonesia.
Gone Fishing by Peter de Maagt (Netherlands)
Peter de Maagt

"Gone Fishing"
Location: Lembeh
Honorable Mention
The Angler by Marco Steiner (Maldives)
Marco Steiner

"The Angler"
Location: Lembeh, Indonesia
Honorable Mention
Face On by Bryan Chu ()
Bryan Chu

"Face On"
Location: Sea Of Cortez
Animal Behavior
NIPPY by Jenny Stock ()
Jenny Stock

Location: jurien bay, WEST AUSTRALIA
Strange Encounters by Hannes Klostermann ()
Hannes Klostermann

"Strange Encounters"
Location: La Paz, Mexico
Humpback whale mom and calf by Heming Song ()
Heming Song

"Humpback whale mom and calf"
Location: Tonga
Honorable Mention
mother love by Marco chang (Taiwan)
Marco chang

"mother love"
Location: anilao
Honorable Mention
Rider by Heng Cai (China)
Heng Cai

Location: Anilao, Philippines
twilight by Fressia Peng (China)
Fressia Peng

Location: Red Sea, Egypt
Patrolling the breakwater  by Alex Dawson (Sweden)
Alex Dawson

"Patrolling the breakwater "
Location: Tiputa pass, French Polynesia
And Then there was light by Kevin De Vree (Belgium)
Kevin De Vree

"And Then there was light"
Location: Indonesia
Honorable Mention
Sleeping Beauty by Flavio Vitiello ()
Flavio Vitiello

"Sleeping Beauty"
Location: Berenice, Egypt
Honorable Mention
Reefscape 1 Red Sea by Luc Rooman ()
Luc Rooman

"Reefscape 1 Red Sea"
Location: egypt
Compact Cameras

Any image taken by a point-and-shoot, non-DSLR, non-interchangeable-lens camera.
Any camera with interchangeable lenses is not considered a compact, so images taken with such cameras must not be entered into this category.


Any underwater image featuring a scuba diver or freediver.

Animal Portrait

Any underwater image featuring a portrait of an animal.

Animal Behavior

Any underwater image featuring animal behavior.


Any underwater image featuring a wide angle view of a reef.

Enrico Somogyi10-day dive packages to Lembeh Strait and Bangka with Critters@Lembeh and Lembeh Resort
Jenny Stock7-night liveaboard trip with Dive Damai
Eric Hou10-day dive packages to Lembeh Strait and Bangka with Critters@Lembeh and Lembeh Resort
Hannes Klostermann7-night dive packages to Papua New Guinea at Walindi Dive Resort
Peter de Maagt5 nights Tulamben and Pemuteran muck diving safari in north Bali with Bali Diving Academy
Heming Song5 nights Tulamben and Pemuteran muck diving safari in north Bali with Bali Diving Academy
Petr Polách7-night dive packages to Papua New Guinea at Walindi Dive Resort
Alex Dawson7-night dive packages to Lembeh Strait with Eco Divers Lembeh
Joe Daniels7-night dive packages to Lembeh Strait with Eco Divers Lembeh
Miguel Ramirez7-night, 12-dive packages to Siladen Resort & Spa, Sulawesi
Torbjörn Gylleus7-night, 12-dive packages to Siladen Resort & Spa, Sulawesi
Fressia Peng7-night, 10-dive packages at Volivoli Beach Resort, Fiji
Renata RomeoSubSee +5 or +10 Magnifier with custom adapter
Various lighting equipment from Ikelite
Various imaging equipment from Isotta
Kevin De VreeSubSee +5 or +10 Magnifier with custom adapter
Various lighting equipment from Ikelite
Ferenc ifj. Lőrincz Various lighting equipment from Ikelite
Various imaging equipment from Isotta
Andrew Marriott

Andrew Marriott is a longtime diver, photographer and writer. His work has been published in a wide variety of media around the world, but his true love is writing books. The first of these was Legends Beneath the Waves: Truk Lagoon. The second book in the same series, Philippines, was released in March 2019. Aside from shipwreck books, Andrew also writes dive guides. His guides focus in incredible detail on small areas and seek to take the reader diving in that location in their mind. The first of these is Let’s Go Dive Guide to Anilao, which was written with Ram Yoro. Two more of these guides were released in 2019.

Ellen Cuylaerts

Ellen Cuylaerts’ work can be seen in exhibitions in Paris, St. Petersburg, Valencia, Marseille and New York. As the curator of the yearly UN World Oceans Day photo competition, she addressed heads of state during the First Ocean Conference at the General Assembly of the United Nations. As a Fellow Explorer International, she became a member of the Flag & Honors Committee of the Explorers Club. She was inducted into the Women Divers Hall of Fame in March 2019. Ellen tries to combine contributing to ethics in photography, asserting the importance of being in control during your dives and of balancing health, taking images in remote locations with logistic challenges, and talking at different venues for photographers, divers and conservationists.

Kate Jonker

Kate Jonker is an award-winning writer and underwater photographer based in Gordon’s Bay, just outside Cape Town, South Africa. Kate’s passion lies with sharing her love of the ocean and her underwater experiences with others through photography and storytelling. Kate is a regular contributor to numerous underwater photography and diving magazines, and her images have been featured in both local and international publications. She teaches underwater photography and is a qualified dive boat skipper and dive guide for Indigo Scuba Diving Centre, which she owns and runs with her husband.

Mike Bartick

Mike Bartick is a working underwater photographer residing in Anilao, Philippines, and a photo pro at Crystal Blue Resort. Originally from Southern California, he has an insatiable love for finding unique marine life and telling their story through photos and video. Mike is a widely published, award-winning photographer, writer and international public speaker with work appearing monthly in various publications, aquariums and museums.

Mike hosts photo clinics, workshops and seminars at Crystal Blue Resort, concentrating on the different aspects of underwater photography and the natural history of Southeast Asia and the Indo-Pacific. Mike is also a global ambassador for Sea&Sea underwater imaging, Kraken Sports and Ultralight Control Systems, and works with various companies to bring quality products to market.

Renee Capozzola

Renee Grinnell Capozzola is an award-winning underwater photographer who specializes in wide-angle and over-under images. Her photos have won more than 40 prestigious international accolades, including USA Photographer of the Year in the 2019 World Shootout, the 2020 DAN Europe Award, first place in the 2019 and 2017 Ocean Geographic Pictures of the Year, and first place in the 2019 United Nations World Oceans Day Photo Competition. Her work has also appeared throughout the world in leading print and online dive publications. When she’s not in the water, Renee teaches biology and educates her students about the challenges facing our oceans and the importance of conserving marine ecosystems.

Tobias Friedrich

Tobias Friedrich resides in Germany and started taking pictures with a DSLR underwater in 2007. Since then his images have been published in prestigious scuba diving magazines and newspapers around the globe. Many underwater photography competitions have honored his work, resulting in over 50 awards with nearly 30 first places. In 2018, he was named Underwater Photographer of the Year in the prestigious London competition. Tobias also leads expeditions and workshops around the world.