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DPG/Wetpixel Masters Underwater Imaging Competition 2022

The DPG/Wetpixel Masters Underwater Imaging Competition is a long-established and widely respected contest that celebrates the splendor of the oceans and the challenging art of underwater photography and video. The organizers, world-renowned underwater imaging websites DivePhotoGuide (DPG) and Wetpixel, call on underwater shooters of all levels, from novice to professional, to compete in what has become the “World Championship” of international underwater imagery events.

The prizes, worth more than $75,000 in total, include dive trips with the world’s top resorts and liveaboards, as well as the latest underwater photo and video gear. Entrants compete for prizes in 6 categories, with the top image among the category winners receiving the grand prize of $1000 in cash.

As well as the coveted prizes, there is also huge status and kudos in being placed among the finalists. The selected winners are the world’s best underwater shooters, judged by an all-star panel. Their images and videos will expose millions of dive, travel and photography magazines and websites to their work worldwide.


Winners will be revealed on and published by supporting media partners worldwide shortly thereafter. The entry fees are US$10 per image or video entered. As with all Underwater Competition Series events, 15% of entry proceeds will be donated to marine conservation efforts.


Any image (macro or wide angle) captured in the “traditional” way—that is, with strictly limited post-processing. Only global adjustment of brightness, contrast, color, and sharpness is allowed. Cropping, cloning, and other digital manipulation are not permitted. This restriction on digital manipulation enables people who are not as savvy at Photoshop to compete on more-or-less even ground as those with more experience. It also highlights composition and lighting skills by not allowing cropping and cloning. Before selecting winning entries, we will audit your original RAW files.


Any close-up image captured with a macro lens, where the reproduction ratio is between 1:10 and 1:1, or greater. Unlike the “Traditional” category, this category has no specific rules regarding digital manipulation. However, as we are not running a digital manipulation contest, you should exercise care in the decisions that you make.

Wide Angle

Any image captured with a wide-angle lens (focal length 35mm or less in 35mm format). Unlike the “Traditional” category, this category has no specific rules regarding digital manipulation. However, as we are not running a digital manipulation contest, you should exercise care in the decisions that you make.


Any image where the lower portion is underwater and the upper portion is above water. Splits, aka half-and-halfs, will be judged on the merits of the picture as a whole.

Black & White

Any single-toned image, such as black and white, or sepia, with no additional accent color.

Short Film

Any film five minutes or less in duration. At least 50% of the footage must be shot underwater.

10-day dive packages at Lembeh Strait and Bangka with Critters@Lembeh and Lembeh Resort


7-night packages at Crystal Blue Resort, Anilao, Philippines


7-night packages with Eco Divers Lembeh, Indonesia


7-day packages at Gulen Dive Resort, Norway


7-day packages at Solitude Lembeh Resort, Indonesia or Solitude Acacia Resort, Anilao, Philippines


5-night packages at Siladen Resort & Spa, Sulawesi, Indonesia


7-night trip to the Solomon Islands aboard the Solomons PNG Master


9-night liveaboard trip with MV Oceania, Papua New Guinea


7-night dive package at Walindi Dive Resort, Papua New Guinea


7-night liveaboard trip with Dive Damai


Various lighting equipment from Ikelite


DS230 213Ws TTL Strobe DS160 II 160Ws TTL Strobe DS51 II 50Ws TTL Strobe
Various imaging equipment from Backscatter


Mini Flash 2 Ultimate Package
with Optical Snoot and
Color Filter System
Macro Wide 4300
Video Light Package
FLIP10+ Pro Pack

  Complimentary Housing Overhaul   $250 Gift Certificate  
7-night package at Atlantis Puerto Galera or Atlantis Dumaguete, Philippines


Various lighting and lens accessories from Inon


D-200 Strobe UCL-90 M67 Close-up Lens LF1100h-EWf Light
3-day diving safari in Tulamben with Bali Diving Academy


Various imaging equipment from Isotta


GoPro HERO 8–11 Housing FotoSub Bag Dry Bag
Celebrity judges include leading professional underwater photographers, cinematographers and magazine editors. A formal announcement of judges will follow.