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Lazaro Ruda
Lazaro Ruda United States
Raised my entire life in Florida, I've been submerging my head under the ocean's waves since I was a small boy. After spending my twenties as a lead web designer for a large corporation I decided to leave it all behind and follow my heart - I became a fulltime certifiable dive bum. Using my skills in web design, photography, and a little anecdotal story telling I enjoy bringing the ocean and its creatures to the pages of my web site ( for everyone to enjoy.
2nd Place (Silver)
Our World Underwater 2009 Winning Photography

Our World Underwater 2009

Macro Traditional
3rd Place (Bronze)
DEEP Indonesia 2010 Winning Photography

DEEP Indonesia 2010

Animal Behavior
3rd Place (Bronze)
DEEP Indonesia 2013 Winning Photography

DEEP Indonesia 2013

Animal Behavior